World Premiere: Graven Design Log

Dylan Macdonaldblog

Design studio Graven is preparing to premiere a series of short films called ‘Graven Design Log’.

The series is supported by Ambiente, the world’s largest consumer goods trade fair held in Frankfurt in February 2017. For Ambiente 2017 Graven Creative Director Janice Kirkpatrick will design and curate the UK Partner Country exhibition that is the centrepiece for the trade fair.

No stranger to broadcasting, Janice, has written and presented ten one-minute films in which she explains the primary role of design in creating the products, businesses and brands that are the bedrock of successful economies. She speaks from her 30 years’ experience as an international designer working with clients and projects from a range of business sectors worldwide.

Commenting on the series, Janice said: “Whatever the outcome of Brexit the UK must look to itself to grow its economy, and design has a critical part to play in that. Just like primary industry sectors, such as Oil & Gas or Agriculture, the process of design allows us to create something of value using only our grey matter, skills and experience.

We can also create a design-led vision of our future by learning from our past. During the 18th C Industrial Revolution the UK government created schools of design, producing generations of creative professionals who converted new technologies into manufactured products that were exported and that revolutionised the world. These distinguished schools still exist in Scotland and the UK and they can be focused once again to support economic growth.

Every day for the last 30 years I’ve been using my design education to help businesses, people and places flourish. I’ve also been using the language of branding to grow start-ups and build high value and strong market positions for both places and businesses. Contrary to what many people believe, being a designer is hard work and not a typical celebrity lifestyle! I wanted to use Graven Design Log to explain what design is, why it’s critically import for the future success of the UK and what it can do to help UK businesses compete successfully with those elsewhere in the world”.

Nicolette Naumann, Vice President Ambiente, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH said: “We’re proud to support Graven Design Log. They are perfect for our international audience as they reflect the scope and reach of Ambiente. We were surprised about the ambitious proposal but knew that it would be an excellent opportunity to provide some valuable and rare insights to design process that many people do not have access to.”

Graven Design Log #01 ‘The Meaning of Cheese’ festively features Harry the Turophile Turkey and Barwheys dairy to explain the valuable role that  provenance plays in building durable brands that stand the test of time. Ayrshire-based cheese-maker Tricia Bey exemplifies how a business can use traditional methods to lever the provenance of a place such as Ayrshire—using a 350 year-old farm and a 200 year-old cattle breed to create exemplary products that are much sought-after by today’s Michelin-starred chefs and foodies

Viewers can enjoy a second film featuring Harry the Turkey. Graven Design Log #02 ‘Sticky Pattern’ explains how drawing and digital technology lead to pattern creation and a sustainable source of product development that also helps to build distinctive and unique brands.

Graven Design Logs are shot in the beautiful Carrick area of south Ayrshire in SW Scotland. The series was produced by Fiona White and filmed and directed by David Council with an original soundtrack by composer Brian McAlpine. Graven Design Log is delivered in partnership with communications consultancy, Spreng Thomson.

The 10-part web series is available through and @GravenHQ