Spreng Thomson Awarded IIP People Bronze Standard

Dylan Macdonaldblog

Spreng Thomson has just received the official report confirming our Bronze Standard status as assessed by Investors In People Scotland (IIP Scotland). The Business Improvement Report praises the team’s commitment to Spreng Thomson as a business as well as to a continuing commitment to learning and development. The business has been an Investors in People Company since 2003.

Spreng Thomson’s IIP status was attained after a series of one-to-one discussions with staff and IIP Scotland specialist, Mary Leishman. The report praises the open-door policy from the Spreng Thomson Directors, which encourages the team to discuss all issues.

IIP Scotland noted that the team are always aware of the contribution they make towards Spreng Thomson’s success and that the business is committed to supporting a good work life balance. It reported that the business has empowered the team to take on ever growing responsibilities and the confidence to take significant project decisions, reflecting the real sense of ownership everyone feels about their work.

IIP Scotland also recognised the seamless way in which the new company, Spreng Thomson was recently merged from the two previous businesses, Liddell Thomson and Spreng & Co.

Key points identified by IIP Scotland include:

• the company is very clear on its vision purpose and strategy
• there is a strong culture of continuous learning and development
• staff feel very valued and appreciated for the work they undertake
• decision making and team working are major strengths

Lesley Thomson, Managing Director of Spreng Thomson said:
“As a successful and ambitious communications and pr business we really value our team and are committed to ensuring that each individual has the skills and confidence to take the business forward. Since we’ve been involved in the IIP Scotland standard, our business has grown in size, capability and credibility. Our investment in the team is central to this and being part of the IIP Scotland standard helps Spreng Thomson remain focussed on this.”

IIP Scotland Bronze Award