Reactec Launches HAVRISK Kit

Dylan Macdonaldblog


Reactec, the award-winning UK market leader in the provision of technology to monitor and report Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) risk, has packaged its innovative HAVwear monitor into an ‘off the shelf’, simple to follow guide to assess the risk from exposure to Hand Arm Vibration. The new product, called HAVRISK Kit, will be launched next week at the Safety & Health Expo 2018 in London (19-21 June).

The kit helps assess risk, in compliance with law and HSE guidance, with the unique added feature of real use vibration monitoring technology which provides another layer to assess suitable controls. The more comprehensive a risk assessment, the more likely controls can be developed to reduce the risk of a workforce being exposed to HAV and developing the incurable HAVS* condition, one of the most common industrial diseases in the UK.

HAVRISK Kit, benefits from certain of Reactec’s award winning HAVwear technology but has been specifically designed for organisations looking for a fast and simple means of assessing HAV exposure.

The kit can be pre-ordered at the show next week and also online at from 19th June. The Kit contains:

  • 4 HAVwear monitors
  • Docking station
  • HAVRISK Kit guide
  • Template illustrative assessment documents
  • Bespoke carry case
  • Automated daily exposure data reports

The kit allows organisations to take control of their HAV risk assessment and takes the pain out of investigating a representative vibration level. The standard kit includes four monitors and required accessories. Automated daily exposure reports are emailed directly to give the detail of an individual’s exposure and related tool use.

Commenting on HAVRISK Kit, Jacqui McLaughlin, Chief Executive, said: “The HAVRISK Kit is designed for health & safety professionals who need an effective and practical solution to address the challenges inherent in assessing Hand Arm Vibration exposure. The HSE states that a manual risk assessment will have a high level of uncertainty and employees are also unlikely to be able to provide this information reliably. All of this uncertainty can lead to inadequate controls and operators being exposed to greater risk.

“The HAVRISK Kit will guide you through the process in compliance with regulations and HSE guidance. It also harnesses unique technology to ease the difficulty of identifying a representative vibration exposure risk. We designed and launched our HAVwear system two years ago to deliver a more realistic monitoring of HAV exposure and help employers reduce the risk faced by a workforce using vibrating tools. Less than 2% of the 2 million people considered to be at risk from HAV exposure have their risk monitored to enable data driven control measures to be put in place. The HAVrisk Kit should simplify the risk assessment process and open a broader consideration to the benefits of ongoing monitoring.”

* Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), which is also known as Vibration White Finger, is one of the most common industrial diseases in the UK. The condition is usually caused by the prolonged use of power hand tools, whose vibrations can damage the blood vessels, nerves, muscles and joints of the hand, wrist and arm. 300,000 people in the UK suffer from the condition, for which there is no known cure, only prevention.

The Reactec team will be on stand M390 at the Safety & Health Expo, London from 19-21 June.