Port of Leith hosts Kevin Harman solo exhibition

Dylan Macdonaldblog

The Port of Leith is home to The Honourable K.W. Harman’s latest exhibition opening this weekend (17 March). The solo exhibition, entitled Ltd Ink Corporation, has been created by the artist Kevin Harman and will take place in one of the port’s largest warehouse spaces in Leith.

Kevin’s exciting exhibition uses a wealth of media, including sculpture, painting, photography, installation and performance. Kevin has created a site specific experience in the port’s warehouse which challenges the audience to confront society’s harshest realities including homelessness.

Kevin is an Edinburgh artist who is best known for his Skip Projects and more recently Glassworks. His recent shows include Kevin Harman: No Man’s Land at Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh 2016 and Static State: Bad Idea at Adamastor Studios, Lisbon 2015. His work was also recently exhibited at Frieze London, Art Basel Hong Kong and the Armory Show in New York.

Commenting on the exhibition, Port Manager, Fiona Doherty said: “We are thrilled to support Kevin’s exhibition with the donation of the warehouse space for his ambitious exhibition. We are looking forward to the opening this weekend to see how the empty building at The Port of Leith has been transformed. We wish Kevin and the project every success.”

Talking about project, Kevin Harman said: “In the colossal space of 31 Bath Road in the Port of Leith, the exhibition illuminates the plight of others whilst serving as a timely reminder of the tightrope we walk to maintain the status quo. Visitors will be forced to confront their own precarious positions, questioning the truths we take for granted. I want to thank Forth Ports and the Port of Leith for their generous support with the warehouse space for this exhibition.