Loch Duart Salmon extends partnership with HEART UK

Loch Duart renews partnership with cholesterol charity HEART UK to promote a healthy lifestyle and diet

Dylan MacdonaldLoch Duart

Loch Duart Salmon, based in the remote communities of North West Scotland and known for their small, low impact farming have teamed up once again with HEART UK, the UK’s only cholesterol charity. In a partnership which will run for a year, the partners will focus on how a healthy diet, combined with regular activity and exercise can make a huge difference to people’s cholesterol levels and heart health.

Over the next year Loch Duart and HEART UK will create and share six simple, healthy and delicious recipes which use Loch Duart salmon. The dishes will help people move towards a more nutritional and heart healthy diet. There will also be a series of events, including fundraising activities across all Loch Duart farms, to raise money for HEART UK and build awareness about how lowering cholesterol, can save lives.

Mark Warrington, Managing Director of Loch Duart said:

“Raising strong, healthy salmon is absolutely central to Loch Duart, so being able to renew our partnership with HEART UK makes perfect sense. We know that growing our fish at sea in a low impact, low stocking density environment ensures that we rear salmon that is unrivalled not only in taste but in quality.

“Loch Duart salmon has higher levels of omega-3 per 100g and in some cases double the levels of other salmon available in the UK market. By doing things the Loch Duart way we know we are rearing salmon that, as part of a healthy balanced diet as recommended by HEART UK, can go a long way to lowering cholesterol. We look forward to working closely with HEART UK to raise awareness about improving heart health and to fundraise through a series of healthy and challenging events.”

The Loch Duart farm teams in the Uists, Sutherland and across Scotland are planning to take on a series of fundraising events during HEART UK’s National Cholesterol Month in October 2022. There will be four weekly challenges for people to take on under the title ‘Small Changes = A Big Difference’ and the charity is keen to show how small changes can help make a big difference to heart health and cholesterol levels.

Jules Payne CEO at HEART UK said:

“We are delighted that Loch Duart has renewed its partnership with us. HEART UK is always striving to create a healthier UK through increased public awareness about Cholesterol, and our planned activity with Loch Duart over the next 12 months will help us to achieve that.”


HEART UK & Loch Duart facts:

  • almost half of UK adults have raised cholesterol, putting them at risk of heart attacks, strokes and vascular dementia
  • raised cholesterol is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and it can affect anyone, even the young and otherwise healthy
  • by making some simple changes to their lifestyle people can help keep their cholesterol levels in check and their heart healthier
  • independent testing showed Loch Duart salmon has higher levels of omega-3 per 100gm – in some cases double the levels of other salmon available in the UK market
  • a healthy, balance diet should include at least two portions of fish per week, including one of oily fish (portion is around 140g)

Get involved with HEART UK atwww.heartuk.org.uk

Heart UK case studies: https://www.heartuk.org.uk/your-stories/list


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