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Graven brings design to life with VR technology

International designers, Graven, have taken design to the next level using Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Working in partnership with Glasgow based, Soluis Group, who specialise in digital imagery and animation, Graven has developed a cutting-edge approach to the future of hospitality design using VR technology.

The technology enables Graven’s design concepts to be brought to life in a purpose-built dome by Soluis, onto which the visualisations are projected. Clients can then experience a high-end immersive virtual reality environment inside the dome.

The design team at Graven work with the client to develop design ideas and concepts. Soluis Group then turn these into 3D visualisations and through the use of world-leading commercial gaming engine, Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), Soluis are able to quickly create photo-realistic images and movies.

Radisson RED Cafe: unreal

Radisson RED Cafe: real






Graven’s creative concepts are viewed and easily manipulated in real-time before moving into development. Details such as lighting, textures, materials and internal layout are changeable in an instant at the touch of a button. This approach grants the team and the client unprecedented control and access when creating a new look and feel, bringing brand aspirations to life.

One of the businesses to benefit from this innovative approach is the Radisson RED hotel in Brussels.

Part of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group alongside a portfolio of over 1400 hotels worldwide, Radisson RED is a new hotel philosophy. It’s inspired by art, music and fashion and driven by bold design, breaking the traditional hotel model. Radisson RED recognises that guests today seek a customisable experience driven by technology and, fittingly, Graven and Soluis have used the opportunity of VR technology in an innovative way that represents Radisson RED’s core values.

Jim Hamilton, Graven Creative Director for Hotels and Leisure at Graven said:

“Graven has a long history of working with Carlson Rezidor and The Radisson RED hotel in Brussels is a great example of effective partnership working. Using VR to augment the client experience throughout the design process is invaluable to the client, allowing them to walk through the hotel and truly experience what it will be.”

In addition to the partnership with Soluis Group, Graven continue to innovate and have invested in leading edge technology, training their team to the latest processes. The studio has introduced BIM (Building Information Modelling) software that allows designers to build their digital drawings in a 3D model format. The 3D models link in with a companion VR platform. Clients can simply download an application to view designs through their smart device screen. They can also view designs through a VR headset that Graven supplies to “walk through” in real time. This application of VR is particularly exciting and accessible.

Ross Hunter, Graven Founder and Director said: There is a chain of technologies that allow us to produce amazing design visualisations. From the high-end gaming software driven VR with Soluis to our accessible BIM software – these technologies offer clients an added value experience to move through the spaces and provide valuable feedback to help us deliver a very clear objective.”

Commenting on the Radisson RED hotel in Brussels Eric De Neef, Executive Vice President, Global Chief Branding & Commercial Officer of Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group said:

“Virtual Reality is going to have a major impact on the hotel and hospitality industry. VR enables you to understand and experience the space and product differently. The biggest complication we have with owners and operators is understanding the space. They view projections and pictures but only understand them in ‘square meter’ terms. With VR you can really showcase what it will be. It’s unbelievable!”

Graven are working on two more hotels for Carlson Rezidor: Radisson RED Cape Town is scheduled to open in September this year and Radisson RED Glasgow will open in March 2018.