Dundee global learning company first on board with new FlyBe route

Dylan Macdonaldblog

Insights, the Dundee-based learning and development company, are linking even more closely to their Amsterdam team with the new FlyBe Dundee to Amsterdam route which launched today (23 May).

Wilco Vlaar, Insights’ Regional Manager, Europe, snapped up tickets for FlyBe’s first flight from Schiphol airport, Amsterdam, to Dundee International Airport and decided to make it a memorable trip. He cycled to Schiphol through some of Amsterdam’s most iconic sites, then carried on cycling from Dundee Airport along the banks of the River Tay to Insights’ Global HQ, in Dundee’s Science and Technology Park and delivered a bunch of tulips for their reception desk.

Insights Chief Executive Andy Lothian who met Wilco as he arrived at Terra Nova, Insights’ head office, said: “The Insights team are delighted to celebrate the launch of this new Flybe route. We wanted to acknowledge the massive business benefits, both for the City of Dundee and for Insights. It will support a better and more productive connection with our teams not only in Holland but across Europe.”

Wilco Vlaar said: “I was very excited to hear about the new FlyBe route to Dundee and knew I had to be on the first flight. Insights is all about making connections and facilitating business breakthroughs through personal breakthroughs. So while all our global teams work well together, any opportunity for a face to face connection with colleagues and clients is a huge boost.”
Will Dawson, Convenor for Dundee, One City Many Discoveries said: “The Amsterdam to Dundee flight route is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our vibrant city to a new audience of international visitors. Dundee offers a wide variety of accommodation, great places to eat and drink and unique cultural experiences – all important factors for anyone considering a trip whether for business or leisure. It’s a very positive sign that Insights have already started to use the new flight route to bring people directly into the city.