UK Tech Firms Partner Up to Help Businesses Build Powerful Mobile Apps

Dylan Macdonaldblog

UK tech firms Appointedd and AppInstitute are partnering to help businesses streamline online services through their own branded mobile app.


For many consumers, when it comes to browsing the net, making quick purchases, interacting socially or managing day-to-day lives, smartphones have become the go-to device. Now, this new partnership between Appointedd and AppInstitute allows businesses to take a mobile-first approach too.


Appointedd’s seamless scheduling software delivers the world’s first online booking platform that can harmoniously schedule appointments across multiple time zones, enabling businesses to easily make appointments with colleagues, customers, partners and prospects wherever they are in the world. Appointedd’s suite of tools also empowers both enterprise and SME users to save time, streamline administration and enhance service delivery by providing a comprehensive set of additional features, including customer relationship management and marketing automation.


Appointedd’s customers will have access to AppInstitute’s AppSmart service, which offers the ability to integrate existing online services into their own branded mobile app. By enabling businesses to combine multiple online channels and provide a single point of contact, AppSmart removes the friction caused to customers who are forced to interact over a variety of platforms such as email, SMS, phone and web browsers.


AppInstitute offers businesses the ability to create customer-focused apps without any coding or technical skills. AppInstitute’s DIY app builder platform creates an app from scratch in just a few minutes using information from a business Facebook page, or customers can customise a pre-designed template. The platform enables a business to take complete control over its app’s branding and functionality, removing the barrier of expensive mobile app development costs. The partnership with Appointedd aims to enable business owners to streamline existing online services into one mobile-friendly touch point.


Leah Hutcheon, CEO and founder of Appointedd, said:

“AppInstitute is the perfect partner for Appointedd. Our technology enables any business to take bookings from its website and Facebook page and now, thanks to AppInstitute, bookings can be taken from a business’s mobile app. We are excited to be working with such an innovative company, and being able to turn apps into a business’s own booking portal feels like it will add value to a myriad of SMEs in the UK and US.”


Ian Naylor, CEO and founder at AppInstitute, said:

“I’m delighted to be partnering with Appointedd. Not only do they have a great product, which will add further value to our existing customers, as a business they’re great to deal with, which aligns with our own core values. As a technological product focused business, it’s fantastic to work with similarly focused businesses. I look forward to seeing the partnership flourish and hearing the inevitable success stories from our mutual customers.”