This Morning features The Hebridean Baker cooking Loch Duart Salmon Wellington

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International bestselling author and cook The Hebridean Baker, Coinneach MacLeod, has
appeared on ITV’s This Morning to share one of his recipes which uses Loch Duart Salmon.

As he prepared his recipe for Loch Duart Salmon Wellington, he shared his passion for
quality Scottish produce and displayed the home cooking skills which made him so
successful around the world. Coinneach has created two bespoke Loch Duart Salmon
recipes for his new book, The Hebridean Baker: At Home.

Presenters Alison Hammond and Craig Doyle watched as he explained how he would be,
“Using the finest Scottish ingredients for a great treat.” Coinneach also said that Loch Duart
Salmon Wellington,”…would make a perfect Christmas day alternative.” and was “…a bit of
a showstopper for the table.”

Both This Morning hosts tucked into The Hebridean Baker’s prepared Loch Duart Salmon
Wellington, with Alison, who had explained that “…I’m not really a fish
person.” saying, “…that is lovely.”

Coinneach has visited some of Loch Duart’s salmon farms in Uist in the Hebrides where
grew up. He found out about Loch Duart’s low impact, small scale farming methods, and in
particular how the salmon are fed a special diet, high in marine content and rich in Omega3, that makes the fish taste amazing.

Fans of Scottish home cooking can now make The Hebridean Baker’s Loch Duart Salmon
Wellington by watching him prepare it on This Morning’s recipe page or by visiting Loch
Duart’s website at where we have his complete recipe and cooking
guide for the dish.

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