Scottish tech company WeeKett launches smart-kettle across UK

Dylan MacdonaldGeneral News

Edinburgh-based smart appliances start-up WeeKett has launched its new product, the innovative Smart Wi-Fi Kettle, to consumers across the UK. With inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity, the smart kettle brings the “internet of things” (IoT) into the kitchen, allowing users to boil the kettle and control its temperature remotely via a mobile app or ‘smart speakers’ such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

With smartphone connectivity, users can schedule the kettle to boil in advance or set it to the exact water temperature of choice. The kettle also includes an inbuilt “baby-bottle” mode that sets the kettle to boil, before resting to a temperature of 70° – ideal for busy new parents needing to top up infant milk formula.

Setting the WeeKett Smart Wi-Fi Kettle apart from other smart kettles is its useful “safe boil” safety feature. In the event of dry boiling (whereby the kettle boils when empty), the kettle will automatically turn off, disconnect from the network and send an alert to the user letting them know the kettle needs refilling.

The WeeKett Smart Wi-Fi Kettle is the first product brought to market by University of Edinburgh graduate Chunli Zhang, who began developing the smart kettle in 2018 as the first in a planned line of internet-connected home appliances. Seeing an opportunity to use new IoT technologies to make modern family life easier, Zhang envisions the WeeKett kettle bringing added convenience to the lives of a range of users, especially people with small children or mobility issues.

Chunli Zhang, CEO and founder of WeeKett, said: “I’m excited to launch this game-changing smart kettle – the kettle that’s ready whenever you are. Whether you’re busy with work, caring for your family, or looking to set it to boil first thing in the morning, your smartphone or smart speaker lets you control the kettle whenever you need it.

We’ve had such brilliant feedback from people already using the sample WeeKett smart kettle in their homes. For new parents, there is the convenience of the baby-bottle mode, and we have had great feedback from people with mobility issues who love being able to switch on the kettle from another room. It’s fun and easy to use the kettle remotely, especially just by talking to Alexa or Google Home.

IoT technology is such an incredibly exciting development, with the potential to not only save time with simple tasks, but to make our lives easier too. I’m so happy to finally be bringing the first WeeKett product to consumers.”

Al Bryce, Business Growth Advisor at Business Gateway Edinburgh, who provided support to WeeKett through the company’s early stages of development, said:

“It was great to work alongside Chunli as she looked to turn her innovative business idea and passion for technological solutions into an exciting new product for the UK market.

“With ever-growing interest in smart household technology, I am thrilled Business Gateway has been able to support this exciting Edinburgh-based company’s development. We look forward to seeing what future products WeeKett has in the pipeline.”

Scottish Enterprise Innovation Specialist, Thea Ni Lionnain, said:

“I’ve worked with Chunli and WeeKett since the concept stage of their smart kettle, so it’s an absolute pleasure to see the finished product now launched. Through our innovation specialist service, we were able to connect the business with Scottish design agencies, and our Intellectual Property team supported the business with an IP Audit. We also supported the business with the acquisition of a By Design grant to help create a prototype. With such an innovative and practical product, we’re sure the company will continue to grow and flourish in the world of IoT technology.”

The WeeKett Smart Wi-Fi Kettle is available for order now in the UK directly through the company website.

Read the full press release here.