Loch Duart Salmon features in new Hebridean Baker cookbook

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Exciting partnership with internationally popular author of ‘Hebridean Baker: At Home’

Loch Duart has just announced the start of a brand new creative collaboration with Coinneach MacLeod, better known as The Hebridean Baker. Born and raised on the Isle of Lewis and a champion of the Hebrides and Highland food and culture, Coinneach has created two bespoke Loch Duart Salmon recipes for his new book, The Hebridean Baker: At Home.

Loch Duart invited Coinneach to visit some of their farms where he witnessed, first-hand, their small scale, low impact approach to raising their salmon. Following his visit to their farms in Uist, Loch Duart is sharing a series of films which feature The Hebridean Baker. During these visits Coinneach was shown how Loch Duart raise his favourite salmon. He was then inspired to create two Loch Duart Salmon recipes which are included in his new book the Hebridean Baker: At Home, published on 12th October 2023.

Coinneach MacLeod, known as the Hebridean Baker, said of his visit to Loch Duart:

“I’m passionate about using the best Scottish produce. Loch Duart Salmon, born and raised in the Outer Hebrides, are bred from wild Scottish ancestors, meaning their fish are as close to wild as it gets. Slow grown, three months longer than average, the salmon are given lots of room to swim and to grow fit and healthy. It’s salmon farming at a much smaller scale.

“Enjoyed in the finest restaurants throughout the world and recognised by the charity Heart UK, Loch Duart Salmon are fed a special diet, high in marine content and rich in Omega-3, that makes their fish taste amazing. I can’t wait to share my new salmon recipes in my brand new book the Hebridean Baker: At Home.”

Adam Gray, Marketing & Communications Manager at Loch Duart, said:

“This summer, we had the pleasure of hosting the brilliant Hebridean Baker, Coinneach MacLeod, at some of our Uist farms. He wanted to see how we raise his salmon of choice, our unrivalled Loch Duart Salmon. Coinneach has now created two, bespoke Loch Duart Salmon recipes for his new book ‘Hebridean Baker: At Home’. The recipes showcase Loch Duart Salmon’s exceptional cooking qualities and celebrate the Hebrides and Highland food and culture which inspire his cooking. All the very best to the Hebridean Baker with his fantastic new book.”

Available from October 12th 2023, you can order Hebridean Baker’s new cookbook Hebridean Baker: At Home, featuring Loch Duart Salmon in two recipes, here https://linktr.ee/HebrideanBaker Customers who visit lochduart.com and use the code ‘Baker’ get 10% off Loch Duart Salmon delivery.

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