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Leith Community Fund launches to support loneliness, wellbeing, skills and education projects in Leith

Dylan MacdonaldForth Ports

The creation of a new Community Fund for Leith launches today (30 March 2022) to provide funding to support local projects in Leith with particular emphasis on projects including tackling isolation or loneliness, wellbeing or providing targeted education opportunities for young people.

The Leith Community Fund is a registered charity which has been established by Forth Ports Limited and The Leith Trust by way of a significant seed fund by Forth Ports of £250,000. The Fund is fully incorporated and now calls on charitable organisations in the Leith community to apply for funding for their work in the local Leith area.

As part of the launch the Leith Community Fund has also partnered with The Tilbury on the Thames Trust to deliver an employment programme called Attention to Logistics, aimed at ex-military or young people who have military parents. The key aim of this will be to provide training that leads to professional qualifications to help ex-military people into jobs. Detailed information on how to apply for this programme will be announced soon.

Commenting on the launch, Charles Hammond OBE, CEO of Forth Ports said: “Being headquartered in Leith, we are extremely proud to be part of the local community and a trustee of this new community fund. We see this as a great opportunity for Leith to make decisions on how money is spent in their own community. We hope the fund will support local work already underway in tackling isolation or loneliness, enhancing the local area or providing learning opportunities.

“We have seed funded this and we are keen that other businesses in the area support and contribute to this important community resource.

“The Fund’s partnership to deliver the Attention to Logistics employment programme can really help identify jobs and training that ex-military people need. We have seen this working effectively in Tilbury we hope that it will support people in Leith to find a route to employment through mentoring support and skills training.”

Announcing the launch, Sir Andrew Cubie CBE, Chair of The Leith Trust said: “I am delighted that today we are at last able formally to launch the Leith Community Fund. We in the Leith Trust have worked hard to bring the Fund into creation and we are indebted to Forth Ports Limited for their generous support in inaugurating the Fund, which I am sure will grow further in the near future. Leith is made up of many diverse communities and I am certain that the Fund will play an important part in linking those communities even more closely together, as we have sought to do in holding our Leith Conferences and overseeing the Leith Gives initiative.”

Edinburgh Northern & Leith MSP Ben MacPherson said: “As the local MSP for Edinburgh Northern and Leith, I welcome the launch of this ‘Leith Community Fund’ by The Leith Trust and Forth Ports and commend them for creating it. It’s right and appreciated that a financial contribution from the successful operation of the port is going to be invested into local projects, on top of the excellent job opportunities that the port area provides in maritime, engineering and filmmaking roles. I hope other successful businesses in the area who can, will also consider donating to the fund, as a collaborative way of supporting others in our communities who need care or assistance. This fund will make a positive difference for the benefit of all of Leith, as we recover from the pandemic and get through these challenging times together.”

The Fund calls for applications from charitable bodies with a focus on the following:

  • Education and the development of youth skills and training as well as programme for people of all ages;
  • community development;
  • financial hardship;
  • Countering loneliness, isolation and mental health/wellbeing issues;
  • Support further the relief of domestic violence              

The Leith Community Trust is a registered charity in Scotland and will be governed by trustees from both The Leith Trust and Forth Ports. For more information on the Fund and how to apply for funding for a community project go tohttps://leithcommunityfund.co.uk/

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