Communication matters

Dylan MacdonaldSpreng Thomson

Whether it’s investing in entrepreneurial businesses; keeping people safe at work; providing fresh, healthy food or getting vital goods to businesses and people across the UK – 2020 highlighted just how important our clients are to our health, our wellbeing and our economy.

They’re helping to keep our lights switched on, producing the finest Scottish salmon and helping construction workers stay safe. They’re  creating new homes and low carbon building. They’re supporting the hospitality sector and have been helping the most vulnerable members of the community. Our clients have turned their businesses around to provide essential PPE and protective materials, they have opened up new consumer markets, transformed workplaces and the way services are provided.

Millions of parcels being delivered to homes across the country have arrived safely thanks to clever, recyclable packaging, new technologies, new drugs, new businesses, new development sites – all these things have happened during the most difficult year in living memory.

They have all been doing things that really matter and we’ve been helping them by improving communication channels; designing and facilitating creative conversations and training teams to be more confident communicators.

2020 was both challenging and fascinating.

Many of us have had to come to terms with the loss of people we loved, celebrations that had to be cancelled, jobs that came to an end, travel plans that were halted – the hugs that didn’t happen. Being able to support amazing businesses and organisations throughout this time has been a privilege. Some are key workers, some are not but we know that they have all gone above and beyond to keep doing what they do – despite what has been happening in their own lives. We know who you are and we are proud to be part of your team.

Here’s to 2021.

Lesley Thomson