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Abbeyfield Bake-off challenge

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Toddlers join older residents at ‘Bake-off’ style challenge

Charity Abbeyfield Scotland’s Coatbridge residents faced the ultimate baking challenge as a group of children from a local nursery joined them to make the best cakes. The event is part of regular visits the Coatbridge Preschool Academy nursery in Whifflet, makes to the home, something which both the children and adults look forward to. Part of an engagement programme, it reflects Abbeyfield Scotland’s ambition for all its residents to lead an active and meaningful social life. Abbeyfield Scotland provides independent living with support for older people across Scotland.

Carolynn Malone, Service Manager for Abbeyfield Scotland said:

“By arranging social events like this ‘Bake-Off’ style challenge with the Coatbridge Preschool Academy nursery, the Abbeyfield Scotland Coatbridge residents have yet another activity to look forward to. The children are so good with their older friends and staff remarked that residents are especially lively when they’re waiting for their young guests to arrive. It’s important to remember that while adult company and friendship is something to be valued, having visits from little children really can help keep our residents young at heart.”

Much like Channel 4’s recent programme, ‘Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds’, Abbeyfield Scotland found that whether it was storytelling sessions with residents reading to children, or occasions like the ‘Bake-off’ challenge, both groups loved the experiences and shared their enjoyment long afterwards. Genuine friendships have been forged and one of the residents has already been invited for lunch with the children and is looking forward to seeing Santa with them in December.

Abbeyfield Coatbridge resident Jean Hunter said about the nursery visits:

“We all love the visits from the nursery. It’s a pleasure to spend time with the children as they have such a positive outlook and seem to love spending time with us. It’s such a great idea and I think it’s something that other residential homes and nurseries should consider doing. The baking event was great fun and of course really messy.”

Claire Anderson from the Coatbridge Preschool Academy Nursery said:

“Friendship crosses so many barriers and it’s so important for our children to meet, play and of course bake, with the older people at the home. The children love their visits to Abbeyfield Coatbridge and have already made some great friends. We’d recommend this kind of initiative to any nursery or residential home.”