Reactec teams up with Canada’s Levitt-Safety to expand reach internationally

Dylan MacdonaldReactec

Reactec, the workplace health risk prevention experts, has teamed up with Levitt-Safety, a leading equipment and service supplier, to offer innovative safety products throughout Canada.

Levitt-Safety operates from 18 locations across Canada with a vision to make the country a safer place to live and work by offering a complete range of products, services, training and equipment rental to businesses. This partnership will ensure that Reactec’s newly launched third-generation smart watch, R-Link*, will be available to workplaces nationwide to help solve their Hand-Arm Vibration, Proximity, Lone Worker, and Environmental Monitoring challenges.

Reactec’s technology takes the guess work out of vibration exposure and ensures that employers proactively prevent risk within the workplace. The new added capability of R-Link to detect dangerous proximity to plant, and generate intelligent event data, can actively help design safer working environments and contribute towards the eradication of strike-by instances. The extensive experience of Levitt-Safety in the installation and maintenance of heavy machinery fire suppression systems, means that they will be well placed to support customers looking to take advantage of the multi-functional benefits of the R-Link smart watch.

Jacqui McLaughlin, Chief Executive Officer of Reactec said: “We are excited about our trade agreement with Levitt-Safety in Canada. The company is a strong strategic fit with Reactec due to their impressive range of safety product lines which are supported by their highly trained sales and technical support staff. There are at least two of Canada’s provinces that recognise HAVS as an issue and this is an area where we see an even greater opportunity for the advanced capability of our newly launched R-Link device. Our team travelled to Canada earlier this month to meet the country’s regulators and host business development meetings.”

Jonathan McCallum, Market Segment Manager with Levitt-Safety said “Our customers rely on us to provide innovative solutions to complex health and safety problems. This partnership with Reactec will allow Levitt-Safety to introduce a leading solution for HAVS prevention with an intuitive analytics platform to Canadian workplaces.”

*In July of this year, Reactec launched the R-Link smart watch which actively protects wearers from exposure to harmful risks including Hand Arm Vibration and getting too close to dangerous, fixed or moving vehicles and equipment in use. With the R-Link watch, a fully integrated eco-system, and the powerful Reactec Analytics platform, Reactec delivers an unprecedented view of an employees’ environment to allow employers to proactively prevent risk within the workplace.